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Kevin M. Jackson, A 1994 graduate of Savannah State University with a B.S. degree in Biology and a Masters degree in Urban Education from Norfolk State University and a Masters of Divinity from Liberty University. Elder Jackson is a Chaplain in the United States Navy. He worked as a Science educator for over 14 years. Mr. Jackson is the author of two books; When God Speaks and Life Lessons For My Sons. He is the father of Ephraim, Elim and Elisha and several spiritual sons. Elder Jackson is married to Nila Nash Jackson.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Poor in Spirit

It may seem strange, but if you are depleted of joy, peace, happiness, passion, and the spirit of God, you are a prime candidate to benefit from all that the Kingdom of God has for you. In fact, Jesus said, "blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God."

Poor in spirit literally identifies the mental and spiritual state of being in need due to an emptiness that exists in a person. This life is replete with situations that drain us of all that we have in our spirit. Sometimes it is a relationship. Other times it is the stress of the job or a personal flaw in ones character. Whatever the source of our depletion, it has the ability to slow us down, leave us impotent, and cause us to fall on the wayside and even loose faith.

The good news is Jesus has the answer for poor spirits. He has the ability to refill, revive, renew, deliver, encourage, restore joy and confidence in the life of a person who is at his/her lowest spiritual level. What must you do if you are poor in spirit? Reach out to Christ by simply saying, " I need You".

I guarantee that Christ is all you need. After you have extended the invitation for Him to come in and take residence, you will experience the joy of His grace and unconditional love. You will feel the reviving of your spirit to a place of peace and comfort.

The blessing is you are in a position to receive. You are blessed because Christ has been waiting for you to invite Him to get involved in your life. You are blessed because He not only wants to revive your spirit, but literally give you the Kingdom of God.

Will you accept His grace, mercy and love today? You do not have to be poor in spirit any longer. Regardless of what depleted your spirit, Christ can bring you back to a level of fulfillment in Him.

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