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Kevin M. Jackson, A 1994 graduate of Savannah State University with a B.S. degree in Biology and a Masters degree in Urban Education from Norfolk State University and a Masters of Divinity from Liberty University. Elder Jackson is a Chaplain in the United States Navy. He worked as a Science educator for over 14 years. Mr. Jackson is the author of two books; When God Speaks and Life Lessons For My Sons. He is the father of Ephraim, Elim and Elisha and several spiritual sons. Elder Jackson is married to Nila Nash Jackson.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shift-Come into Alignment-Stretch-Go Forth!

This new year will bring many challenges. However, challenges do not have any authority over the power of God. It is imperative that you rest in the assurance that God has everything in control.

Many have made resolutions about things that do not profit them spiritually, but for you, I want you to Shift. Shift! Make the necessary adjustments in your life that will sustain your walk with me. Move away from things and people who are not focused on Kingdom business. Time is of the essence! Don't miss what I am doing in the earth during this season.

Not only must you shift. You must then Come into Alignment. This is necessary because in your shifting, you have the ability to still be off course and not totally in sync with my will. There is a specific line that I have drawn in the spirit for you to begin your journey from. It is the starting place of my will for your life. The Holy Spirit will guide you through each step that you must make to align. Don't fight the process! It could prove to be harmful and discouraging for you. Time is of the essence! Come into alignment quickly.

I know that you are struggling with this new alignment. That is why I have directed you to Stretch. Stretch beyond your own expectations and see the expectations that I have for you in the spirit through prayer, fasting and studying my word. Stretch! Reach for the impossible even when it strains your spiritual muscles. Stretch! Venture into those vocations that you thought you were not qualified to do. I have made a way for you. Stretch! I require more of you than I require of those who are around you. I will not place more upon you than you can bear.

Finally, Go Forth! No need to second guess. I have spoken. Why wait? Why contemplate? Move into the things that I have already spoken in your spirit. I have already gone before you. Go Forth! The work of the Kingdom cannot wait. Don't miss your time and your season. Go Forth!